The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein maintained that the limits of one's language are the limits of one's world. But is it possible that by expanding and broadening the definition of language, the world itself can become, wider, deeper, bigger? In HOLY F#&% we see people who liberate themselves when they bend and break the rules of language, foregrounding its materiality and unconscious dimension, producing sounds which give access to realms of the mind that words cannot reveal and express. With this uninhibited flouting of conventions and the hegemony of the functional, they challenge us to expand our definitions of language and speech in different directions.

Two Kinds

Carnivocal: A Celebration of Sound Poetry.
CD Anthology, Red Deer Press. Alberta 1999.
Composed & Performed by Steven Ross Smith.

Acres Rare Meet

Performed by Michael Dean, Paul Dutton, Steve McCaffery, David Penhale, Steven Smith & Richard Truhlar. (1982) From Ear Rational: Sound Poems 1966-1980, (Audiocassette, Membrane Press New Fire Tapes, Milwaukee)

No Where Else

Revolutions, A Compilation of Saskatchewan
Sound Works.

Produced by Steve Heimbecker & Video Vérité, Saskatchewan, 2000. Composed and performed by DUCT - David Grosse (double & fretless bass), Lia Pas (vocals, oboe, keyboard), Steven Ross Smith (vocals), Roy Sydiaha (percussion), Wilf Tucker (violin).

Planet Earth Poetry Reading


Livestreamed as part of the Saskatchewan Book Week 2022 events which occurred September 26-30.


Reading from Emanations:fluttertongue 6 at the 2015 Book*hug Fall Launch, Toronto


Reading from Emanations: Fluttertongue 6, as appearing in Vallum magazine.


Part of a video anthology project by Fred Wah, Canada's Poet Laureate, to make foreground Canadian poetry and make it more available.